Integrated Communications

Hitec Solutions has many years experience in the design, installation and service of Smartphones, Wi-Fi and DECT Handset communication systems.


Why Choose Wi-Fi Handsets

With Wi-Fi infrastructure now becoming the norm in all new facilites, it makes sense to leverage this technology where possible, and utilise it for mobile voice communications.

Whether your preference is iphone, Android devices, Spectralink Wi-Fi, Spectralink Versity or Cisco Wi-Fi Devices, we can interface the Austco Nurse Call to generate alarms on all these Handsets providing a seamless solution for staff. 

Device footprint is also a thing of the past. If you would prefer to use tablets, or large model handsets, the Austco Pulse Mobile interface will integrate to them all. Being IP devices means we can transmit data as well, providing additional functionality than just real time voice communication.


Benefits of Wi-Fi handset technology
  • Consolidate disparate paging, telephone, and intercom systems into a single smartphone device
  • Maximize staff efficiency by leveraging on board Web-based applications, barcode imager and XML-based API
  • Minimize data input errors with an integrated barcode imager (Spectralink 8452/8453 models only)
  • Rapidly communicate among groups with integrated Push-to-Talk
  • Operate in loud environments with advanced noise suppression technology
  • Future proof your investment in Wi-Fi infrastructure


Why Choose DECT

DECT technology is a mature and proven technology that provides excellent mobile communication capabilities when installed correctly. It was designed specifically to carry wireless Voice. With a range of interfaces to various telephony platforms, this technology produces great quality for a modest outlay.

Hitec Solutuions can integrate your Spectralink DECT system to your Austco Nurse Call system, ensuring Nurse Call alarms are transmitted to one or many handsets as required.


Benefits of DECT technology
  • Very high quality of voice communication
  • Proven technology, operating in many Australian facilities
  • Dedicated Frequency range for operation
  • Low number of base stations per Sq M coverage
  • Wide range of handsets available